The Master's programmes at Design Academy Eindhoven offer students the tools they need to research and analyse complex situations.
During a DAE Master course, the authorship of the designer or design theorist will be reinforced. Students strengthen and focus their positions, learn to reflect on the profession and its limits, develop their imagery and signature, and research topical questions to come up with designs, presentations or text proposals. The guiding principle for the Academy’s approach to education at this level is a focus on the cultural context in which designers and their products ‘function’, though the domains the students will research may be socially, technically or economically oriented as well.
The two-year curricula are arranged around research and design assignments, given by the design and workshop tutors, writing and thesis supervisors, and lectures and workshops given by guest lecturers. During the second year, students work on individual research themes, which they have formulated themselves. The Masters’ department collaborates closely with external institutions, governments, companies and leading experts, as well as with the researchers of the DAE Readerships to help identify and develop topical research subjects.