In the Master’s in Latin American Studies, you will study social transformations in Latin America from geographic, historical, economic, cultural, social, political and ecological perspectives. You will design your own research plan, do field research in this exciting region and become a critical academic.
The Master’s in Latin American Studies offers a research-driven, small-scale and internationally oriented programme. During the classes you will study current developments in the region such as the new wave of economic, social and political crises. Recent trends aggravate problems of inequality, insecurity and unsustainability; yet new hope for change comes from the indigenous and other social movements, the renegotiation of gender and ethnic relations and the rise of the new urban middle classes. To understand the complexity of these current-day social transformations, a historical perspective is crucial.
The programme provides you with critical knowledge, academic skills and an in-depth understanding of the academic literature. You are trained to become a researcher who is able to conduct research out in the field, in Latin America, and whose research will contribute to our knowledge of currents trends in that area.