In the Governance of Sustainability programme you will be educated to be a future 'broker' or 'change maker' to improve the quality of governance solutions to major sustainability challenges
You will obtain in-depth knowledge of both the governance perspective (social science) and the natural sciences. You will learn how to integrate these perspectives in order to develop and improve the quality of governance solutions to major environmental sustainability challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and the transition to a circular economy. In addition, you will attain a variety of skills required to cope with wicked sustainability problems and to develop yourself into a future 'change agent' in a governance context.

Governance of Sustainability: the right master's programme for you?
Do you want to be an intermediary between the scientific experts, policy makers and politicians in the domain of sustainability? Do you want to tackle sustainability problems by combining your knowledge on natural sciences with your understanding of governance? Are you keen on contributing to the development of governance solutions needed to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to the implementation of these solutions? Then our Governance of Sustainability programme is designed for you.