The Master DS&AI aimed at students interested in studying and combining advanced data analysis techniques with AI methods and techniques in order to understand, use and develop intelligent systems.
Each year of this two-year master program is divided into semesters (September to January, and February to July) and each semester is composed of two quartiles of ten weeks each. During this time, you have lectures, followed by an examination period of two to three weeks. During these two years, you will follow core and specialization courses, electives and professional development courses, possibly do an internship and carry out your final graduation project.

The program is taught in English.

Students who finish their Master Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will be Master of Science (MSc) in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and will receive a Data Science and Artificial Intellifence-diploma. This diploma guarantees the development of a scientific perspective combined with an engineering approach that forms an excellent foundation for a successful career.