This one year master's in Voice Technology will give you the expertise you need to contribute to the cutting edge in voice synthesis and speech recognition.
This interdisciplinary programme is suitable for students coming from the social sciences, computer sciences, and the humanities. The main requirement is interest, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn new things. Speech technologies have permeated life so much that we hardly even notice their presence. Whenever you dictate a message on your smartphone, ask Alexa the weather, or learn a language using an app, you are using voice technologies. And with new Internet-of-Things applications on the horizon, smart spaces and the presence of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Home are poised to grow even further.This programme at Campus Fryslân, developed in consultation with partners from Silicon Valley, local start-ups and universities worldwide, will ensure you acquire expertise in voice synthesis and speech recognition and have the requisite mastery of programming, machine learning, and speech sounds. You will work in teams to make your own synthetic voices, speech recognizers, and more. You’ll even make your own voice tech demo as a final project. People with scientific expertise in the domain of voice technology are in short supply. We aim to fix that!Sign up for our newsletter!