This programme targets early and midcareer water professionals, who have the ambition to gain knowledge and skills to tackle water challenges while enhancing their career opportunities within the water sector or related organizations. It covers the broad field of water, including drinking water; sanitation; water resources; water for food, energy and ecosystems; ecosystems’ health; water management and governance; coastal processes; hydrology; water and climate related hazards and risks; river engineering.
While covering core competencies, such as interdisciplinarity and working in multi-disciplinary group settings, the programme allows students to follow a customized study trajectory tailored to their professional needs. Students may opt for deepening their disciplinary knowledge or choose to broaden their knowledge to adjacent water fields relevant for their career.
Thematic areas addressed in this programme are Water Hazards, Risks and Climate; Water and Health; Water, Food and Energy; and Water Resources and Ecosystem Health. Within these thematic areas, modules are offered in various disciplinary profiles: 1) engineering and hydrology; 2) management and governance; 3) environment; 4) sanitation, and 5) digital innovation.