The master's programme in European Public Affairs (EPA) provides advanced professional training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of European policy-making. The policy context in the European Union is complex, and contemporary policy problems transcend national and disciplinary borders.


  • You will therefore learn various academic concepts, theories and research methods from disciplines such as political science, law, economics, cultural science and public administration.
  • You will use this knowledge to research, analyse and critically evaluate EU policy problems. You will also be encouraged to become familiar with national and regional differences within the European territory, and to search out commonalities and paths for integration.
  • You will put this knowledge and these skills to work by teaming up with your fellow students to develop concrete solutions to real policy problems. European developments can only be understood within a wide context, against a background of different disciplines.


The response of the EU can only be grasped by not only understanding the different national legal and institutional market and banking regulations, but also the various socio-economic and cultural perceptions. The European Public Affairs programme will teach you to recognise and appreciate these differences.