How can you design a complex and sustainable consumer product or bring novel renewable energy technologies and processes to market? How can you minimize production costs without compromising on quality and safety?
These are typical questions that a graduate of the Master's programme IEM can address. In a progressively technological society, IEM engineers will increasingly become leaders of technological innovation and design.A student of the Master's degree programme IEM learns how to solve technological problems in a business context. In IEM, we work on industrial problems from a technical and scientific design perspective. The general aim of the IEM Master's programme is to train engineers to acquire a thorough overview of all primary and secondary business processes in the fields of Production Technology and Logistics (PTL) or Sustainable Process Engineering (SPE).More than its nearest competitors, the IEM Master's degree programme of the University of Groningen focuses on technology. Over two-thirds of the curriculum is dedicated to engineering and technology. Additionally there are courses that focus on management and business. You can choose between two tracks:PTL: Production Technology and Logistics SPE: Sustainable Process EngineeringAbout 70% of the curriculum is dedicated to engineering and technology, and about 30% focuses on management and business. Within the t