Corporate law is changing. Economic, climatic and societal upheaval is forcing businesses to develop a sense of context in the world. Tomorrow's business lawyers must develop a flexible and open approach to legal problems. That can even include reconsidering the efficacy of the law itself. VU Amsterdam does not offer a single International Business Law programme. We offer three very clear legal identities covered by separate Master’s programmes. Each of these International Business Law programmes open up a wide range of specific career opportunities in an international environment.
Each programme has an outspoken and up-to-date approach to today's corporate law. They are focussed on what is going on right now. Markets and Behavior; Commercial Transactions; and finally, VU Amsterdam is proud to be the first university in Europe to offer a specific International Business Law degree that combines an all-round Master's in Business Law, with a specific focus on some of the most complex legal challenges of our day: Climate Change & Corporations.
The VU campus is located in the heart of the Amsterdam business district Zuidas, the beating heart of the Nederlands’ legal community. Many of the courses are also taught by academics who are also practicing lawyers.