Study supply chain management in Groningen and learn about how complex networks of organisations manage sourcing, production, and distribution to provide customers with products or services they want.Are you interested in gaining knowledge and managerial skills to become an expert in supply chain management? In today’s global market, supply chain management is essential to businesses' success. The MSc programme Supply Chain Management in Groningen is unique in that it tackles a broad range of supply chains, from production to service-oriented supply chains, in the private and public sector, and across many different industries (consumer products, food, healthcare, energy etc.)You will gain the necessary managerial and analytical skills to focus on the design, integration and coordination of supply chains at multiple levels, bringing innovative and dynamic solutions to this fast-paced business environment. The programme also provides access to numerous professionals from different sectors complementing current and future perspectives taught in courses. We cooperate with companies on guest lectures, company visits, internships, career events, case studies and thesis assignments.Through the selection of elective courses, you can focus on supply chains in specific industries, become an expert in sustainable supply chains, or learn about the latest digital business models. The progr