Are you interested in how people create the world around them? Would you like to conduct an ethnographic research on a socially relevant topic of your own choice anywhere in the world?
Do you feel engaged with a particular group of people or society or do you have a socially relevant question in mind which you want to explore? This master's programme enables you to conduct research on a topic of personal preference. Possible topics vary from the fate of LGBT refugees to initiatives of global sustainable tourism, from water management in African gold mines to digitalisation of heritage in Holland, from kickboxing Muslimas to storytelling in the Caribbean.

The programme offers outstanding Field Research and Training support in an area of your own choice. Hands-on training by experienced staff members from Leiden University speeds up your process of settling in your field site and understanding its research context.

Three specialisations:
*Global Ethnography provides you the opportunity to develop and conduct a research project at a location of your choice;
*Sociology of Policy in Practice teaches you to think along with organisations to help them respond to the challenges they are facing in our quickly changing societies;
*Visual Ethnography offers expanded training in using audio-visual methods for producing contemporary anthropological research.