This truly international Master's programme in European Law is aimed at students striving for an international legal career in European Law, Business Law or Human Rights and Migration law.
The influence of the European Union on the regulations and rights of its member states is growing. Outside Europe too, the European legislative system is important, as it can be seen as providing an example to the rest of the world. As a lawyer you can no longer ignore European law. Whereas other study programmes have chosen the broad approach, the focus in Nijmegen is on depth. You will receive a thorough education in European law, covering competition law, immigration law, external relations law, judicial protection, peace and safety and public international law. This programme provides a sound basis for an international legal career. You will receive lectures and guidance from experts. The Faculty of Law has an international reputation in the field of immigration law, European law and private law. Nijmegen lawyers regularly do research assignments for the European Union and the Dutch government. The Business and Law research institute is known for its expertise in competition law.
This programme was recently rated number one in the Netherlands in the Keuzegids Masters 2015 (Guide to Master's programmes).