Gain knowledge of how IT affects organisations, also from the perspective of Management Science, and become an expert on how organisations can handle security and privacy concerns.
Information Technology has an enormous impact on companies and other organisations, and on society as a whole. This comes with the necessary technical challenges of implementing the IT solutions and getting them up and running, but also wider and more fundamental challenges, such as: what are the information needs in the first place? How can these best be met? How can resulting IT solutions be adopted in an organisation? How can their use be best introduced and managed? And how can we ensure compliance, with business requirements and legal standards for security and privacy?
More often than not, technical problems are only the tip of the iceberg, and a broader perspective is needed to understand and solve them. This takes technical understanding as well as managerial skills. This 1-year English-taught Master's programme will teach you to become a digital architect who can look beyond mere technical sides to ICT adoption in designing competitive business solutions.