Do you have mathematical and statistical skills that you want to put to work in a business context? Do you want to learn to forecast economic developments or to create IT solutions to solve production issues?


The Econometrics and Operations Research programme allows you to do just that. Econometrics is used in every area of economics, from business and finance to macro- and micro-economics. Econometrics and Operations Research focuses on using quantitive analysis to aid economic and management decision-making. You’ll learn to use techniques from statistics, mathematics and computer science to solve complex problems for governments, financial institutions, logistics companies and other organisations.


It also enables you to solve problems in fields like logistics, planning, information management and telecoms - often using IT solutions. This one-year programme, taught in English, is great preparation for a career in a variety of financial institutions - including banks, insurance companies and pension funds - as well as other public or private companies in logistics, telecoms or production, for example. The programme allows you to choose one of four specialisations:


  1. Actuarial Sciences
  2. Econometrics
  3. Mathematical Economics
  4. Operations Research

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