This Master's programme provides you with insight into the molecular processes underlying health and disease, which form the basis for new therapies of cancer, metabolic and immunological disorders.
All faculty are members of the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS), a research institute of the University Medical Center. Research at the RIMLS focuses on the molecular basis of disease-related processes with a direct translation of results into the clinic. All faculty contribute to courses that directly relate to their own research providing you with cutting-edge knowledge. For your two research internships you can join a laboratory of the RIMLS or in the clinic. Many students go abroad for their second internship, using the international network of the RIMLS researchers. Next to skills directly relating to science, the programme comprises courses on presentation and communication skills. Taken together, the MMD Master's is a perfect preparation for a career in research. Students are selected based on past performance and a personal interview. Team playing is also a condition. You will find yourself among a highly dynamic and international group of students. Each student has an RIMLS senior researcher as a personal tutor to provide further guidance in the programme. The start of the programme is September 1st of each year. Individual adjustments are possible.