This two-year programme is aimed at educating engineers who can contribute to the design and management of infrastructures and related services.
The interdisciplinary MSc programme Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM) aims at designing innovations in a complex socio-technical environment and tackling large-scale problems in a highly interconnected world. Typical CoSEM problems are the energy transition, smart information society, smart and sustainable cities, intelligent transport systems & logistics, smart regulation & compliance.
The foundations of the programme comprise complex systems engineering, institutional economics, law and managing multi-actor decision making. Modelling and analysis methods allow the students to handle the big, heterogeneous and contested data on which the designs are based, and to take into account deep uncertainty about the development of the socio-technical systems. In this Master's programme we explore the innovations in complex socio-technical environments. You learn to think about more than technology alone. After all, when designing technological innovations, you have to deal with matters such as existing regulations, subsidies, distribution channels and infrastructures, as well as interests, cultures and human behaviour. In order to achieve successful innovations, these aspects must be considered and used in your design.