The earth is our home, shared with millions of other living species. In order to make it a safe and sustainable living environment, we need to monitor and understand how the earth and its climate are changing due to natural processes and human interactions, and we need to be able to responsibly extract energy and other resources.
At the MSc programme Applied Earth Sciences, you study the part of the earth system that interacts strongly with society, namely the upper crust from a few kilometres depth up to the lower atmosphere. You will develop solutions to understand, monitor and predict processes within the earth system and to utilize earth’s natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way.
The programme has been divided into 4 disciplines:

Climate & Weather: modelling and predicting atmospheric and climate dynamics.
Earth Observation: advanced remote sensing techniques, geo-data analytics, geohazard and climate change monitoring and prediction.
Geo-Energy: geothermal energy, underground storage of CO2 & H2, hydrocarbon engineering.
Geo-Resources: critical raw material modelling, zero waste extraction techniques.
During the programme you develop in-depth knowledge in one of these disciplines and get acquainted with the other disciplines as well.