The Research Master's Psychology programme is firmly embedded in the experimental approach to Psychology that characterizes the research in psychology at the University of Amsterdam.
This programme is designed for excellent and motivated students with a genuine interest in psychological research, who are interested in a career in academic or applied (industry) research.

Specialised courses are taught in informal, highly interactive small groups settings. In addition to courses covering all areas in psychology, the programme offers a series of advanced courses on research methods and statistics, programming and computer skills, and writing and presentation skills.

Taught by international top researchers, the Research Master's programme offers a unique opportunity to further specialise in any area of psychology including:

Brain & Cognition
Clinical Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Methodology and Statistics
Social Psychology
Work and Organisational Psychology

Finally, the programme has a strong international orientation. The teaching staff has an extensive international network, and cooperates on a regular basis with top-level researchers across the world. Students are explicitly encouraged to spend parts of their research training abroad.