The Chemical Engineering programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation in chemical
engineering science while preparing them for a broad range of career opportunities.
The programme, with a primary emphasis on the underlying sciences, gives students the opportunity to personalise their curriculum and to choose the particular study path that will best prepare them for their future careers. The programme challenges students to solve open-ended problems and teaches critical thinking skills, teamwork and open discussion.

The Master's Chemical Engineering addresses a wide range of subjects at all levels: molecular science, including the emerging field of nanochemical engineering, the design and analysis of chemical reactors, and the application of chemical engineering in manufacturing processes, with a strong emphasis on innovative thinking. The programme stresses multi-disciplinary problem solving by means of a systematic approach, incorporating considerations of sustainability, economics and social welfare into the analytical process.
The fundamental goal of the Master's Programme is to provide students with both a breadth and a depth of knowledge sufficient to prepare them for careers in research or to work in industry at either the design or operational level.