Erasmus School of Law offers four specializations in Commercial Law: Commercial & Company Law, International Arbitration & Business Law, International Trade Law and Maritime & Transport law.
Commercial and Company Law: this LL.M. programme provides you with a thorough insight into the legal aspects of doing business in an international setting. You study in one of the leading commercial centres and largest ports of Europe.
International Arbitration and Business Law: this LL.M. programme provides its graduates with a unique set of international arbitration skills together with solid expertise in international business law. It covers both procedural and substantive law aspects of the international dispute resolution.
International Trade Law: this LL.M. programme covers the legal aspects of international trade and commerce. It is exclusively focused on international commercial law. In contrast to similar programmes, the focus lies exclusively with the commercial law side of matters and does not go into regulatory or public law aspects.
Maritime and Transport Law: this LL.M. programme gives you a unique opportunity to obtain the legal know-how, the skills, and practical experience needed for a career in maritime and transport law. Your study location is a stone's throw away from the largest port of Europe. You will visit companies to see how things work in practice.