In this master, you will focus on the management of information to improve overall business performance, and become a professional who can combine analytical know-how with business knowledge.
The Business Information Management master has a multidisciplinary approach with a broad background. You’ll develop both the management foundation and the technical foundation of business information management.You’ll be exposed to current business information management challenges, research, technologies and developments through real-life cases. In BIM’s core courses, you will investigate information systems, methods and data in business. You then choose an elective track – the Data Science track or the Digital Business track – so you can specialise and differentiate yourself in the competitive job market, for example as data scientist, data analyst, or consultant in digital business and IT. You can also combine electives and create your own track.There are lots of moments built into your studies for you to meet BIM alumni too. This will show you what opportunities you have after graduation, and sets you up for career success through this network.