The Master's programme in Human Geography is a geopolitical study which explores how individual human behaviour, nations, countries and the spatial environment interact with each other.
Human Geography focuses on the study of the spatial behaviour of people, firms and organisations.
You choose a specialisation within the programme that determines the courses in the first semester. You will graduate in this specialisation in the second semester. We offer six specialisations:

Conflicts, Territories and Identities
Cultural Geography and Tourism
Economic Geography
Europe: Borders, Identities and Governance
Globalisation, Migration and Development
Urban and Cultural Geography
The Master's thesis research plays a key role in the programme. You can follow elective courses which are essential for your thesis research and which contribute to the specialisation of your choice. Also, you have the possibility to combine your research with an internship. So, within the master specialisations, you can tailor the programme to your personal interests!
The Master's programme can also be conducted in dual mode (studying next to working in the human geographic profession).