How to design more effective and needle-free corona vaccines? How can we use nanoscience to better predict drug toxicity for humans? How can we personalise drug treatment and make it more sustainable?
How can we use Big Data to improve preventive drug programmes? How can we optimize chronic drug use in ageing populations? How can we develop a business case for a new drug and determine cost-efficiency of pharmaceutical programmes?If you have a pharmaceutical bachelor degree or a bachelor degree in pharmacy, chemistry, or a related field such as biomedical sciences or biology with pharmaceutical elements, this two-year Master's degree programme will enhance your career in the exciting world of the drug development life cycle! We cover all drug-related elements, from basic target discovery to molecular drug design, from analysis of drugs and biomarkers to pharmacological design of applications, from toxicology and biopharmacy to clinical pharmacoepidemiology, post marketing surveillance, policy and business.An unique asset of the master of Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences is that the lectures and research take place in an interdisciplinary Life Sciences environment from chemistry to statistics, from biology to medicine, from epidemiology to economics, management and business, with all activities situated within walking distance. Learning research by actually doing it is a second un