Are you interested in the neural basis of cognition, the mechanisms of neurodegeneration or the evolution of behaviour?
In this programme, you can study the function and mechanisms of the brain and behaviour from three different perspectives:

Animal and Human Behavioural Neurosciences (B-track)

Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Modelling (C-track)
Molecular and Clinical Neuroscience (N-track)
In these tracks, you will deepen your knowledge of the aims and methods of your chosen domain (See “Programme” for more info). In addition, thanks to integrated courses and links between tracks, you will get a unique opportunity to acquire multi-disciplinary skills and training in the neurosciences.
The main focus of this Research Master is to train students to become independent researchers. For this purpose, a large portion of the programme is devoted to two research projects (in total 70 ECTS) in which the students are embedded in research groups to conduct their own experiments. Students are encouraged to perform one of these research projects abroad.
The BCN Research Master is one of the best Neuroscience master programmes of the Netherlands (Dutch Higher Education Guide 2017 - Keuzegids Masters 2017).
Admission to the programme is selective, based on the applicant’s academic credentials and motivation (See “Entry Requirements” for details).