How can we make use of the immune system in order to target cancer? How does early life nutrition impact metabolic health in adulthood? How can microorganisms help fight against infectious diseases?
Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment is a research oriented selective two-year master programme. During this programme research-minded students are trained to become the next generation of successful scientists in academia and private section environments. Students will be challenged with exciting cutting-edge research and methodologies and will learn how to critically read the literature, design novel research questions, translate hypotheses into testable research plans, and how to communicate research.
As a student you can focus on your interests and ambitions by participating in one of the following specializations after the first semester:

Infection and Immunity
Nutrition and Metabolism
Systems Medicine
Drug Innovation
This selective Master's degree programme is designed for students primarily aiming for a career as a scientist in academia and private sector environments. Students are trained to become critical academic thinkers, problem solvers and discoverers. If this appeals to you, this master programme is the right choice for you!