Study accountancy and controlling in Groningen and learn about how modern-day developments are affecting the provision of information to organizations' internal and external stakeholders.The MSc Accountancy and Controlling emphasizes the importance of high-quality information. In today's world, such information is crucial for all kinds of decisions. Shareholders have to decide whether to continue their investment in particular companies, and managers need to decide which strategy to follow for their company to remain successful. These decisions require relevant, reliable, and timely information. You will learn how to design information systems that produce such information, and how to assess the quality of existing systems.The emphasis will be on the future role of auditors and controllers in society. Therefore, attention will be paid to the opportunities and threats which arise due to innovations in information technology. Similarly, topics like sustainability and their implications for information systems will receive ample attention. Of course, also more traditional topics, such as ways to detect fraud, will be discussed at length. Many graduates further specialise by obtaining a professional qualification and/or following an executive master's programme.Did you know you can also study management accounting and control in Groningen? Find out more about our MSc Business Admin