The Master's in Business Administration focuses on management and organisations from different areas of specialisation, with an emphasis on the social processes that constitute organisations.
You choose a specialisation within the programme that determines the courses in the first semester. You will graduate in this specialisation in the second semester.
In the first semester you study theory and methods through five main courses. In the second semester you choose electives and/or start an internship and prepare your graduation project. You will collaborate closely with fellow students and have the opportunity to discuss with your supervisors. You conclude your studies with a Master's Thesis and are granted the degree of Master of Science (MSc.).
The Master's in Business Administration offers eight specialisations: Business Adnalysis and Modelling, Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, Organisational Design & Development, Strategic Human Resource Management and Strategic Management.
The most important jobs for graduates in Business Administration are (company) consultancy, marketing and PR, financial consulting, ICT, HRM, etc., also depending on your specialisation.