Are you considering a research career in an academic or an applied setting? Do you want to specialize within the field of behavioural and social sciences and receive a multidisciplinary training?
As a research master student you choose one of our three multidisciplinary themes. The theme-specific courses will give you a broad view on the theme and will introduce you to the unique perspectives of the theme-related specializations. In the course of the first semester you will choose your own specialization. It will enable you to tailor your master to the topics that you wish to engage in.For scholarships and grants please scroll down.1. Mental Health: Perspectives from Neuro- and Clinical Psychology
What are the origins of psychopathological and brain disorders?
Specializations: Clinical Neuropsychology| Clinical Psychology | Psychometrics and Statistics2. Lifespan Development and Socialization
How do individuals develop across their lifespan?
Specializations: Developmental Psychology | Orthopedagogy | Pedagogical and Educational Sciences | Psychometrics and Statistics |Sociology3. Understanding Societal Change
How do individuals and groups adapt to the changing world?
Specializations: Environmental Psychology | Organizational Psychology | Psychometrics and Statistics | Social psychology | Sociology