Are you interested in studying contemporary population issues like ageing, migration and global population growth? In the master programme Population Studies students learn the theories, methods and skills required to become a versatile demographer.
Essential to understanding population dynamics is the study of people’s demographic behaviour, such as birth, health, migration, and death. The master programme focuses on these demographic events, on how decision-making regarding these life events is influenced by the economic, societal, cultural, and geographical context, and on how these demographic events have an impact on population-level trends.
You will learn about:* Contemporary population issues as population ageing, integration of migrants, health inequalities and global population growth

* Individual decision-making processes behind demographic events, such as family formation, residential choices and health care use
* Collecting and interpreting demographic data
* Methods and techniques to analyse demographic data: life tables, population projections, advanced statistical analysis, and qualitative research methods
* Population policies and intervention programmesThe field of Population Studies reflects on and deals with contemporary demographic topics and related societal issues. The study is simultaneously concrete and broad.The Master in Population Studies is also int