Study international financial management in Groningen and learn how to manage international financial and accounting activities in multinational companies.Nowadays internationally oriented firms and organisations are looking for professionals who can understand and use the latest finance and risk management tools and techniques for managing international financial activities. The MSc International Financial Management (MSc IFM) will equip you with advanced academic knowledge, understanding and skills required to define, analyse and evaluate real and complex international financial management problems on both a societal level as well as on the level of companies and institutions. The MSc IFM programme teaches you to think strategically and explore how new ideas can be initiated and managed. You will be able to apply research methods and address financial problems multinational companies are faced with. Moreover, you will gain advanced knowledge in several specific sub-fields in international financial management, such as international risk management, including exchange rate and political risks, international financing opportunities, corporate governance and social responsibility. Also, you will conduct research on opportunities and threats to multinationals in international financial markets, international management accounting and control, international financial reporting and