Dit is een Engelstalig masterprogramma.
The Master's programme in History and Philosophy of Science offers a unique opportunity to study the foundations, practice and culture of science from historical and philosophical dimensions.
The 2-year research programme in History and Philosophy of Science addresses the historical development of scientific thought and practice, with a broad scope that includes the interplay of science with cultural, social or institutional factors. It also offers conceptual analysis of theories such as relativity, quantum mechanics, evolution and modern genetics. Our programme is both broad and flexible. Only two courses are mandatory. In the first year you will choose six other courses (which may include an internship), all relevant to your chosen specialisation. Tracks offered are: History of Science or the Humanities, Philosophy of Science, Foundations of Physics, and Foundations of Mathematics and Logic. The second year is dedicated to a research project that is closely attuned to current developments in the field, culminating in a Master's thesis. Graduates of our Master's programme often continue in PhD programmes in Utrecht or elsewhere. Many have also found employment in science communication, consultancy or the financial industry. This programme is the only programme on the European continent in the field in the English language.