The Master's programme Geographical Information Management and Applications focuses on the management and application of geographical information from a scientific perspective.
In Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA), students will be introduced to the theoretical, methodological, technological and organisational principles of processing and analyzing digital geo-information, the management and research aspects of geo-information, and the innovative application of geo-information in a wide variety of spatial application fields.

Furthermore, GIMA is a blended learning Master's programme, which means that most of the time students are studying from the place where students think they can study best (e.g. at home, or the local library). Students study full time (2 yrs.) or part time (4 yrs.).

A compulsory internship allows the student to gain practical experience in a (geo-information) working environment. The internship is carried out within geo-information companies, agencies and research institutes in the Netherlands or abroad. The student submits a report about the internship.