Are you fascinated by international relations? Do you want to become a specialist in this field? Then this Master's degree is what you are looking for.
Within the one-year Master's degree in International Relations, you choose one of the following six Master's tracks:* International Security: its main focus is the phenomenon of, and theoretical reflection on, 'violence' in its broader context.* International Political Economy: it focuses on the interaction between states, markets and societies. Its primary aim is to increase our understanding of the dynamics of these three building blocks.* European Politics in a Global Perspective: it explores the history, theory and policies of the European Union and her member states.* Geopolitics & Connectivity: the study of power, space and connectivity in international relations* International Relations and International Organization: combines and explores all five areas mentioned above.* East Asian Studies: it focuses on the international relations of contemporary East Asia, in particular the political economies of China, Japan and Korea.