Create the future of high-tech healthcare! Translate fundamental research into biomedical engineering solutions. The Master's in Biomedical Technology and Physics combines Medical Physics, Biophysics
The Master's programme in Biomedical Technology and Physics covers the fields of Medical Physics, Biophysics, and Clinical Technology. This combination will teach you how to translate research into the fundamentals of physics, biology and chemistry into innovative biomedical engineering solutions for healthcare. A multidisciplinary background like this will equip you perfectly for tomorrow's approaches to medical research, in all their complexity. Biomedical Technology and Physics is directly accessible to students with a bachelor degree in Medical Natural Sciences and to students with a similar background, like a bachelor in Biomedical Engineering, Physics, University College and B├ĘtaGamma. Biomedical Technology and Physics (BMTP) is a collaboration between the researchers of the Science department of VU and the medical centers VUmc and AMC (together Amsterdam UMC).