Are you interested in the study of literature? Investigate our tracks to see the courses we offer.
The one-year Master's degree in Literary Studies offers three tracks and you should click on the links below to find out more detailed information about each of them.

In the track in European Literatures and Cultures you study the arts and literature of Europe. You will explore subjects such as the impact of globalization on European literature; and the shifting of world views within European art. You will focus on the language and culture you studied as a Bachelor's student.

The track in English Literature and Culture explores English literary classics and new works of English literature in their cultural context. As a student of this programme, you can draw from the full historical and geographical sweep of literatures in the English language.

In the Writing, Editing and Mediating track you focus on all aspects of writing, editing and publishing. You will improve your English writing and editing skills. In addition, you will learn to help others in their writing process. The track is meant for graduates with a near-native command of the English language.
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