The one-year Master in Linguistics is concerned with the knowledge, structure and use of language, studied from a wide range of perspectives.
The Linguistics programme offers a wide range of perspectives on language. It enables you to learn how to identify, describe and analyse language phenomena systematically and to apply this knowledge to a specific area of interest, ranging from theoretical and experimental approaches to linguistics, to language documentation, language comparison, language learning, communication, to translation. The programme is situated within the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, which brings together renowned scholars from a variety of theoretical and applied perspectives.

This master's programme is aimed at students with basic demonstrable academic knowledge in the field of linguistics. What makes you a good candidate for the programme is that you are interested in the structure of language because: you have an analytical mind and are fascinated by the human capacity for language; you are interested in a specific language and might want to teach this language; you are interested in linguistic analyses, theoretical or experimental approaches to linguistics, or in the analysis of language use; or you are eager to become a translator.