What kinds of social media did the ancient Greeks and Romans use? What kinds of ideas circulated and how can we trace these through ancient literature?
Find answers to this and more in one of the tracks of this programme.The master Classics and Ancient Civilizations consists of two tracks:* Classics* Ancient HistoryIn the Classics degree programme, you will learn to apply academic tools and theories in studying various themes from Antiquity, and to critically assess written and material sources. You can opt for a language-oriented curriculum, or combine literary and historical subjects. In the Ancient History specialization we take a historical approach to the period from Hellenism to Late Antiquity. In addition to literary sources, you will use inscriptions, papyri and archaeological sources to cast a different light on the ancient world. Both tracks are concluded with a thesis, following which you will be awarded a Master of Arts degree in Classics and Ancient Civilizations. This Master's degree programme is also available as a part-time variant.Students wishing to pursue an academic career may also be interested in the two-year Research Master CMEMS, with the option to specialize in Classics and/or Ancient History.