Every field of study raises a number of philosophical questions: about its foundations and methodology, its ethical and political implications, its connection with other disciplines, and its history.
Thinking about these questions gives you a deeper insight in your discipline, be it physics, medicine, psychology, economics, history, or any other field of study. This unique programme of 60 ECTS, combined with the ECTS from your initial master's, gives you an additional MA degree in the philosophy of your field.This master programme offers courses in the philosophy and history of science, skills courses to improve your writing, and tutorials in which you work with experts on the philosophy of your discipline. Additionally, the programme will regularly organize colloquia with experts working on the intersection of the philosophy, science and humanities.You will learn to participate in discussions and write texts that bridge the gap between the scientific context and philosophical or public discourses. The master thesis will focus on a topic of your own choice in the field of philosophy or history of your specific discipline. The programme will provide you with philosophical research and writing skills that will enhance both your competence in your field and your thinking in general.