Are you fascinated by religion and Christianity in particular? Have you ever wondered what the impact of Christianity is on society, or how society influences Christianity?
Would you like to study this topic in depth with students from around the world? Then Christianity and Society is the graduate program for you!

The Master's Program Christianity and Society provides students with a deeper insight in the interaction between Christianity and society. In this program you will learn how Christianity influences politics, economics, law, and world religions. You learn to critically reflect on the place of Christianity in the public space and the concomitant tensions that arise in the dialogue with both (post)modern society and world religions. This offers you a unique opportunity to prepare you for a professional (NGO, government) or academic career. You study the Master Christianity and Society in an international, informal and personal study environment.

You will become adept at:
high-level philosophical questioning and debating
analyzing and reflecting on current theological and societal issues
understanding and solving problems in multidisciplinary contexts
writing clear academic papers and presenting them to an audience
working in a self-directed and independent way