The two-year Research Master's in Religious Studies offers an inspiring research environment in which you develop the research skills to conduct your own research project in the field of religious studies. You will explore key issues, theoretical perspectives and methodological questions in the field of religious studies and engage in ongoing research with faculty members. It focuses on the history and presence of religious and spiritual diversity in Europe and in its wider Mediterranean, Eurasian and Transatlantic context.
The programme emphasises the processes of religious diversification in different socio-cultural contexts. It trains you in both the historical as well as the empirical study of religious cultures, countercultures and spiritualities, including the interdisciplinary study of ideas, narratives, practices, institutions and their interactions.
The Research Master’s programme offers several specialisations in the field of religious studies. You can choose to focus on Spirituality and Esotericism in Western Culture, Religion and Spirituality in Contemporary Societies or Spirituality and Religion in Islam. You will also have the opportunity to study with leading specialists in the field of religious studies.