Art and Performance Research Studies is a two-year programme for students who are interested in doing historical, theoretical and practice-based research into the visual and performative arts. In this Master's, students will be challenged and will learn how to develop and execute research ideas in an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and cross-media environment.
Art and Performance Research Studies offers two specialisations: one is academic, focused on theoretical /historical research in the arts disciplines (art history, musicology, theatre and performance studies and cultural studies); the other is artistic, focused on artistic research through a practice-based process in fine arts, dance, music, performance and film, among other art disciplines. Central to the programme is that students reflect on and learn to do research in an inter- and cross-disciplinary framework and learn to understand the position of the arts and the artist in society.
The programme facilitates and enables the critical development of your research ideas by shared courses, a customised choice of electives, and individual tutorials and offers comprehensive cross-disciplinary debates with expert staff from all art disciplines, both theoretical and practical.