The master in Media Studies is a one-year programme with four specialisations. Each specialisation explores a different medium in-depth, including how it interrelates with other media forms. You will also get the opportunity to investigate the roots of this relatively new academic field.
You are able to choose from four specialisations:

Book and Digital Media Studies: focuses on the dynamic process of the transmission of knowledge and information through handwritten, printed, and digital texts.
Cultural Analysis: Literature and Theory: is devoted to the study of literature from a comparative and theoretical perspective.
Film and Photographic Studies: offers you a challenging academic study in the field of ‘lens-based’ media, comprising photography, film and video.
Journalistiek en Nieuwe Media (taught in Dutch): provides you with strong editorial skills, a journalistic attitude and a strong academic background.
All programmes are taught across two semesters and comprises compulsory courses, elective courses, and the writing of an MA thesis.
Experiential learning
Some of the Media Studies programmes encourage students to get involved in projects for external clients. These projects provide students with the opportunity to apply ideas in practice, develop new contacts, and gain invaluable professional experience.