The Dual Master's in Curating Art and Cultures is a unique, two-year programme offered jointly by the VU, UvA, and leading museums and cultural institutions in the Netherlands.
The programme is designed to train the curators of the future. Taking place in both the lecture hall and the exhibition space, the Dual Master's in Curating Art and Cultures prepares you for a career as a professional curator by strengthening your disciplinary and theoretical foundations, and equipping you with the necessary research skills and practical experience.

In addition to developing your theoretical foundations, you will also have the opportunity to work as a 'curator in training' during the year-long, curatorial internship at one of the programme's partnering museums and cultural institutions. During the internship, you will receive hands-on training in all aspects of professional museum practice, from research for publications to organising exhibitions. You will also take part in collection acquisition, registration and conservation, management, art handling and display. In short, this is your chance to dive headfirst into the many aspects of the curatorial profession.