Wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, revolts in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia, power struggles in Turkey, Saudi-Arabia and Israel – conflicts in the Middle East are daily news.
Do you want to become a specialized expert on the region and its conflicts and meet the huge societal demand for knowledge and insights in the Middle East? Then join our Master’s programme Middle Eastern Studies in Groningen.The one-year Master’s programme in Groningen focuses on contemporary developments in the Middle East, with particular emphasis on the theme of conflicts. The programme is interdisciplinary and research-driven, using insights from fields such as International Relations, Religious Studies and Anthropology to help you to understand this highly dynamic and fascinating region.If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies, the Master’s programme enables you to specialize in the theme of conflicts and to increase your familiarity with important theoretical and methodological approaches to the region. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in another (related) discipline, the Master’s programme facilitates you to familiarize yourself with the Middle East and apply your expertise to this region, which is of huge importance in today’s world.The programme offers core modules on contemporary developments in the Middle East, conflicts in the region, the role of international organisations and the the