Do you want to better understand the underlying mechanisms of life? Would you like to contribute to integrating the scientific fields of biology and mathematics in order to open new perspectives for a
Systems biology is a rapidly emerging field that aims at a holistic understanding of biological systems, which has been a long standing goal of biomedical sciences. The progress of genome sequencing and other comparable -omics technologies has opened up the path towards this systems-level understanding. Key in this understanding is the integration and continuous interactions between complimentary disciplines in a cyclic process. Within the field of Systems Biology, these interdisciplinary corner stones consist of both the life sciences (biology and medicine) and mathematics (modelling, data handling and informatics).

It is the mission and challenge of the master programme to train specialists in systems biology, who master highly different skills in life sciences and mathematics and who are able to integrate this knowledge in unifying concepts and novel experiments. The master programme covers topics from several fields, including biology, computer science, mathematics and bioinformatics.The future of biology and biomedical sciences will benefit strongly from masters with these capabilities and competences.

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