Do you wonder about how cities and urban regions can become more sustainable, resilient or carbon neutral? How to design innovative policy solutions for pressing environmental, infrastructural, water, and climate related problems?Then the international Master's programme in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning (EIP) will fit you well. The programme is unique in integrating: (1) the analysis and development of strategies and governance approaches for highly dynamic and complex planning situations, (2) international comparative research and learning, and (3) environmental, water and infrastructure related challenges. Bringing these elements together, you will examine policy programs, propose planning interventions, and embark on research focused on flood resilient cities, integrated infrastructure solutions, energy transition and healthy urban and regional living environments.You will be part of an international classroom with students originating from different regions across the globe, some of them having experience in planning practice already. Our dedicated staff will challenge you to rethinking real life planning problems by integrating concepts like self-organization, adaptive capacity and transition management. Through a mix of interactive teaching methods you will strengthen your collaboration and communication skills, and your ability to work and think independently