Study technology and operations management in Groningen and use big data to make the right decisions.Current challenges of operations management relate to people striving to make the right decisions in complex environments while having easy access to large data repositories and being supported by the latest technologies. This programme will provide knowledge on how to master these decisions from a managerial perspective, having at the same time an understanding of the technology-related implications, opportunities, and limitations. Data analytics is the foundation for making those decisions in the programme, and you will develop competencies highly valued by today's and tomorrow's employers like data analysis, visualization, diagnostics, interpretation, and data-driven decision-making, using programming languages such as Python.Operations are a core aspect of any business. This programme offers insights from real operational processes and socio-technical systems in areas like logistics, manufacturing, services, energy, healthcare, and governance. You will learn to identify opportunities, analyse, and diagnose operations-related problems, but also to design, develop, and evaluate solutions.Through the selection of elective courses, you can focus on the impact of technology on operations in specific contexts, for example in energy, healthcare, or digitization and big data use. Th