When and why should governments interfere in the workings of advanced economies?
To what extent does traditional competition policy still suffice in a world where firms increasingly sell their products online? And should the Ministry of Finance expand public spending if the unemployment rate gets high and the economy stagnates? In this programme, you will learn to assess different strategies to handle diverse microeconomic and macroeconomic problems.The objective of the programme is to teach you economic theories at a high analytical level. An additional goal is to familiarise you with the application of theory and research methods to economic practice and policy. Such a combination of rigorous academic thinking with practical application is essential for any professional active in the field of economics, either in policy or research. You will learn about the influence of economic factors on society and how economic theory can be applied to interpret and analyse economic problems.We offer two specializations: " Microeconomics of Markets and Incentives” and “Macroeconomic Theory and Policy ”. Alternatively, you can specialize in Energy Economics, or put an emphasis on Health issues in your programme. In each specialization, it remains possible to design your own study programme.