By studying Medical Informatics, you will be responding to the ever-growing need for a sound scientific approach to knowledge and information in modern healthcare services.
Medical Informatics at the Amsterdam UMC-UvA:
Unique in the Netherlands

Medical informaticians have the expertise needed to provide information analysis, system design, implementation and evaluation, and to understand the organizational settings of healthcare institutions.The program provides you with a broad view from experts in the field. It gives you the chance to spend eight months researching a scientific or engineering topic of your choice, in the Amsterdam University Medical Center or elsewhere, and under supervision of dedicated mentors. Would you like to provide feedback to professionals in order to improve their medication prescribing behaviour? Or use web technology to enhance communication between cardiologists? These are just a few examples of themes you might want to investigate. In summary, the programme is fun, the graduates employable, and you will be contributing to efforts aimed at improving human health!'