In this Master's Programme, you will be thoroughly trained to analyse and advise on contemporary social issues.
An ageing population leads to increasing healthcare costs. How should care for the elderly be structured in order to make it more personal and affordable again? The virtual and physical world are increasingly merging. What role does the internet play in shaping political and social movements' ability to self-organise? How do governments respond to crimes that occur within the neighbourhood environment, in the virtual world and across borders? As society becomes more complex, there is a growing demand for people who are able to answer questions like these. The one-year Master's programme on Contemporary Social Problems focuses on building your expertise with regard to a variety important social themes, and gives you ample room to explore your own interests in order to specialise in a particular topic. In this programme, you will learn about the latest insights of present-day social science, and learn to think from a multidisciplinary perspective.